The Day After

8 12 2010

It was a day that began just like any other. People were going about their daily business. Many were still asleep. Many were just getting up. It was just another day, but what started out as just another day turned out to be

“A day that will live in infamy”

The surprise was complete. The attacking planes came in two waves; the first hit its targets at 7:53 AM, the second at 8:55. By 9:55 it was all over. By 1:00 PM the carriers that launched the planes from 274 miles off the coast of Oahu were heading back to Japan. Behind them they left chaos, 2,403 dead, 188 destroyed planes and a crippled Pacific Fleet that included 8 damaged or destroyed battleships.

In one stroke the Japanese action silenced the debate that had divided Americans ever since the German defeat of France left England alone in the fight against the Nazi terror. Word of the attack reached President Roosevelt as he lunched in his oval study on that fateful Sunday afternoon.
Later, Winston Churchill called to tell him that the Japanese had also attacked British colonies in Southeast Asia and that Britain would declare war.

Roosevelt responded that he would go before Congress the following day to ask for a declaration of war against Japan.

Winston Churchill wrote: “To have the United States at our side was to me the greatest joy. Now at this very moment I knew the United States was in the war, up to the neck and in to the death. So we had won after all!
Hitler’s fate was sealed. Mussolini’s fate was sealed. As for the Japanese, they would be ground to powder.”

69 years ago yesterday was “a day that will live in infamy.”

But, 69 years ago today,

69 years ago today the sun rose again.
69 years ago today a new day dawned.
69 years ago today war was declared upon the enemy.

Sometimes it takes something major for us to make a declaration. What do you need to declare today? What declarations will help you break free from the battles in your heart and mind?

It’s a new day. Greet it with expectancy and make up your mind that as difficult as yesterday may have been today is going to be better.

Remember, that weeping may endure for the night, but joy comes in the morning. The pain and fear of the night is displaced by the rays of a new morning.

It may never be the way it was, but because you have faced the worst the enemy has to offer and withstood it through the night greater things are ahead today.

69 years ago today was the day after a day that will live in infamy. What will today be the day after for you?




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10 12 2010
charlotte Daigle

I enjoyed your post!

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