Happy Memorial Day

30 05 2011

Today, I am thankful for the legacy of my family.

My Father’s father, Raymond J. Daigle served in the 101st Airborne Division and helped liberate Europe from tyranny. He was dropped behind enemy lines during the D-Day invasion and lived to tell about it. Raymond is one of the few members of the 101st who was at the Battle of the Bulge and is still alive. Thank you, Paw Paw Daigle for your service.

My Mother’s Father, Arthur C. Dixon served in the South Pacific. In his words, he spent time on the island of Tonga eating coconuts. I am sure he did much more. Arthur has been gone for several years now, but he would have been 100 years old this year. Thank you, Paw Paw Dixon for your service.

My Father served in the Air National Guard, and I am very thankful that he did not have to go to Vietnam.

My wife’s Father served as a Drill Instructor in the U.S. Marine Corps.

My Brother-in-law, Clay Martin was a medic in the Army at the time of the first Persian Gulf War.

I am thankful to all of my family and friends who have served and are serving. I am grateful for your service and pray continued safety and protection upon those that are serving.

God Bless You, and may God continue to bless the Untied States of America.




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