It’s Been A While

28 05 2011

Today, I break my blogging silence. I do so as today is a culmination of events that is bittersweet. In September of 2008 I was hired to manage a team of IT Professionals at one of the larger Managed IT Services accounts for my company. I did not know that I would be managing one of the greatest people that I have ever met.

When Brian came told me that he had found a job and was moving back to the land of his roots (New England), I was sad for me and happy for him. On November 1, 2010 Brian started his new job. Brian’s family stayed behind in the Houston area to sell their home. Today, the entire Wagner family journeys home to New England.

So, Brian, Thank you for everything. Thank you for helping me become a better manager. Thank you for helping me with my dream and then not judging me as I let that dream die. Thank you for the friendship your family showed us. May God bless you and your family. And I can only hope that everyone has the opportunity in their life to meet someone like you.

BWag you rock.




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28 05 2011
Rebekah D Martin

A jewel. All of them. Beautifully expressed, JD

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