My iPad At Work

15 07 2010

One of the big questions with the explosion of the Apple brand is, “Does it translate to the enterprise?” Employees from the receptionist to the CEO are falling in love with Apple, from the iPod to the iMac to the iPhone. And now the iPad has been added to the array of gadgets that people can’t wait to get their hands on. There is a misnomer that says that the iPad is nothing more than an over-sized, overpriced iPhone. I have to say that, although the iPhone and iPad have similar functionality, their capabilities are exponentially different. Being in the IT Management world I am always looking for ways to make remote management easier. The iPhone has a few RDP apps that can be downloaded, but the screen is simply too small to do any real work. Enter the iPad.

This morning I received a notification that a file server needed to be rebooted. The easiest thing to do would be to tell the users that they would have to wait, as everyone was on the road, in traffic, and we would be in the office within an hour or so. That was before the iPad. I simply pulled into a parking lot, activated my VPN and opened up my WYSE PocketCloud RDP app and, voila, I was staring at the server that needed to be restarted. The entire process took approximately 2 minutes.

I know there will always be Windows purists who will despise anything Apple. I for one have embraced the opportunity to be a geek and cool at the same time.