The truth has lost its legs

4 09 2010

There are some things that are so blatantly obvious that they do not require any commentary. This is one of those things. The lack of requiring commentary is, however, the reason why I shall commentate.

From politicians to preachers, it seems that it has become en vogue to embellish the truth to add to the “power/effectiveness” of the story.

I don’t know that there is any one thing that our attention can be directed to on which the blame can be placed. If there is a requirement for blame, perhaps it can be put on that first man, Adam. Of course, Adam lied in the more traditional manner. It was the, I’m caught so I’m going to make up a story to cover my tail, kind of lie. We have graduated from those “butt-covering” lies, to now, we make up stuff to give our story more oomph.

Somewhere along the way we just decided that the truth wasn’t good enough. Someone decided that the truth was paralyzingly frail in and of itself. The truth can’t stand on its own. It doesn’t have any legs. We must give the truth a vehicle to travel to the places it couldn’t go if we left it alone.

Perhaps, to lie is human nature. Maybe it has always been so easy that we have just become accustomed to it. Lying is just not nearly as good of an idea as it once was. Here’s a bit of advice for everyone who makes up stuff to embellish your story, sermon, or speech: everyone listening, reading, or watching you has access to that interwebs thingy. If you lie, it will come out.

My prayer today is that we, as a society of liars, would be baptized with a good ole case of truth-telling. Let the truth stand on it’s own. It will take you where you NEED to go.




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