I used to love sports

8 07 2010

I have always been a sports fan. I remember falling in love with sports in 1986. Two things happened in 1986 that made me a sports fan. First, the Twin Towers powered the Houston Rockets to the NBA Finals against Larry Bird and white boy super-squad that was the Boston Celtics. My family lived in deep east Texas at the time, but we were able to get the Houston Chronicle and I remember sitting in our home and reading about the Rockets taking the Celtics to Game 6. I became a fan forever. Secondly, the Houston Astros of Mike Scott, Nolan Ryan, Bob Knepper, Jim Deshais, Bill Doran, Glenn Davis, Billy Hatcher, Jose Cruz, Dickie Thon, Craig Reynolds, Phil Garner, Alan Ashby, Phil Garner, Kevin Bass, Denny Walling, Terry Puhl,(that’s all I could name without looking them up) fame took the New York Mets (I could name a bunch them, but it’s certainly not worth it) to six games in what has been proclaimed as one of the best National League Championship Series ever. These two events gave me a love for sports and more specifically Houston sports. I remember taking my small yellow radio to bed and placing it under my pillow and listening to Milo and the “Ole Wrangler” call the Astros’ games on the radio and Gene Peterson call the Rockets’ games. I could talk about the Oilers and a little game in 1993 against the Buffalo Bills, but it hurts me too much to even discuss.

Today is Thursday, July 8, 2010. Why is today so important? Today is the day my love for professional sports is taking a steep dive. I remember when I used to think it would be cool to watch ESPN frequently and see all of the highlights from the day and be inundated with great sports all the time. Tonight ESPN will enable the LeBron James circus to come full circle. Millions of people across the world will tune in to watch an athlete make a decision on which team he is going to allow to pay him millions of dollars. I know it’s not something I should not really care about, but as someone who has grown up loving sports this just irks me. Today is the day that LeBron James becomes the most unlikable person in the NBA, and perhaps all of professional sport. The transparent use of charity for the sake of self-glorification reminds us that people, even big-time sports “heroes”, have really large egos.

I think the greatest thing to happen would be for that other media hound, Brett Favre, to decide to make an announcement on his future at the same time as LeBron James and force the four-letter Disney network to have to make a decision.



4 responses

8 07 2010
michael moore

I am enjoying your musings keep it up. Look forward to seeing your brand and blog go big.

Love the close… Favre vs LeBron: a Four Letter Decision

8 07 2010

good stuff

8 07 2010
Brett Jones

Good golly, Miss Molly! You are good!

8 07 2010
RebekahDaigle Martin

Good writing there, bro. This Lebron circus is just indicative of a self-centered society overall. Me thinks.

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