July 5 is important

5 07 2010

Last night I went to sleep with the sound of bombs bursting in air. It’s on July 4 every year that we are reminded of the words of Thomas Jefferson: “Occasionally the tree of Liberty must be watered with the blood of Patriots and Tyrants.” Yesterday not only did we celebrate our Independence, but we also remembered those Patriots who paid the ultimate price that we may be free.

Today I was awakened to birds chirping and sun shining. There were no rockets casting off a red glare or bombs bursting in air. There was just a peaceful sense of Freedom. As I prepared for my day I was reminded that today is July 5. The Declaration of Independence was signed by a small group of men on July 4, but the war for that Independence raged on long after that.

What have you been declared your independence from in the past? What have you decided you will no longer be held captive by? Today is July 5. The celebration is over. It is imperative that you make a decision today to fight for the freedoms that you have made declarative in your life. Just because you have made a decision doesn’t bring that decision to fruition. You must continually work to be that person that you have decided you need to be. Don’t be content to just say it. Live the freedom. Be the freedom.

Get up and get to it.



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